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Istanbul Airport Shuttle Bus | Lines, Fares & Timetables

Istanbul Airport shuttle options are abundant for those coming to Istanbul for the first time and landing at Istanbul Airport. You may be wondering how to get to the city center. Luckily, there are many ways to travel from Istanbul Airport to the city center. In this guide, you will find information about all Istanbul Airport transportation and shuttle options.

Istanbul Airport Shuttle Options

Visitors to Istanbul Airport will find a variety of convenient transportation options. From taxis and public buses to private buses and the metro, there are many ways to get to and from the airport with Istanbul airport shuttle services.

The distance to the city center is approximately 40-50 km. Due to this distance, taxis can be challenging, but budget-friendly Istanbul airport shuttle buses are available. Alternatively, you can use the metro for faster and more affordable travel.

If you have a lot of luggage and find public buses or the metro (subway) insufficient, you can try airport shuttle buses like Havaist. Additionally, to use public buses and the metro, you will need an Istanbulkart. In this guide, we will provide detailed information on how to use all these Istanbul airport shuttle options and how to get an Istanbulkart.

What Are Istanbul Airport Shuttle Buses?

For guests traveling from Istanbul Airport to the city center or other locations, there are two shuttle options available: Havaist and IETT buses operated by Istanbul Municipality (IBB). Havaist offers a more premium service with limited passenger capacity and a higher fare. On the other hand, IETT buses are more affordable but have numerous stops and can carry a higher number of passengers.

Havaist Shuttle

Havaist is a company that provides bus services at Istanbul Airport. It has been in service since Istanbul Airport opened in 2019. Havaist operates large buses used for intercity transportation, taking you to popular locations in Istanbul. Inside the bus, there are small TVs, Bluetooth, etc., but they do not work. Advertisements are played on the TVs and cannot be turned off.

If you want to go from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW), you can take Havaist. Apart from taxi, this is the only direct option.

You can pay in cash or by credit card. Havaist accepts cash, credit cards, and debit cards. You can either buy your ticket from the Havaist ticket point before boarding the bus or make your payment while boarding the bus. Istanbulkart is not valid on Havaist buses.

Havaist Shuttle Bus Lines from Istanbul Airport

Station CodeStationTrip DurationFrequencyPrice
HVİST – 16Taksim Square90 minEvery 60 or 90 min204,00₺
HVİST – 15Beşiktaş90 minEvery 60 or 90 min204,00₺
HVİST – 14Kadıköy (Asian Side)120 minEvery 60 or 90 min223,00₺
HVİST – 13Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW)120 minEvery 60 or 90 min258,00₺
HVİST – 12Aksaray Metro90 minEvery 60 or 90 min204,00₺
HVİST – 10Bakırköy80 minEvery 60 or 90 min181,00₺
HVİST – 9Avcılar120 minEvery 60 or 90 min158,00₺
HVİST – 8Beylikdüzü (Marmara Park)90 minEvery 60 or 90 min198,00₺
HVİST – 7Silivri – Çatalca120 minEvery 60 or 90 min250,00₺
HVİST – 6Halkalı – Başakşehir90 minEvery 60 or 90 min150,00₺
HVİST – 5Esenler Otogar (Coach Station)75 minEvery 60 or 90 min158,00₺
HVİST – 5AArnavutköy50 minEvery 60 or 90 min90,00₺

For more details about departure times and fares, you can check the Havaist’s official website.

IETT Buses

IETT is a transportation service owned by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB). It is responsible for Istanbul public transportation and also serves Istanbul Airport. However, you need a single-use ticket or an Istanbulkart to use these buses.

You can get from Istanbul Airport to many points in the city center with IETT lines H-1, H-2, H-3, H-6, and H-8. You can also return to the airport using these lines.

IETT Airport Shuttle Bus

IETT Bus Lines from Istanbul Airport

Station CodeStationFrequencyTrip DurationPrice
H – 1Mahmutbey MetroEvery 45-90 min96 min35,39₺
H – 2MecidiyekoyEvery 45-90 min102 min35,39₺
H – 3Halkalı MarmarayEvery 45-90 min108 min35,39₺
H – 6Yunus Emre Mah.Every 45-90 min80 min35,39₺
H – 8Hacıosman/SarıyerEvery 45-90 min115 min35,39₺

Fares and Frequency

On weekdays, buses run every 45 or 90 minutes. On weekends these times may be higher. All these times vary according to the traffic density.

The fare varies between 40 TRY and 50 TRY (2$ or 1,5€). As mentioned above, Istanbulkart is required to use IETT Buses.

How to get Istanbulkart?

There are 3 different types of Istanbulkart in Istanbul. Anonymous card, Teacher/Social card and Student card. However, the one you should get is the regular Istanbulkart, which is called anonymous.

You can buy the anonymous card, which is not registered in anyone’s name, from vending machines or kiosks at bus stops.

Istanbulkart Kiosk

Where is the Shuttle Bus and Havaist Stations Floor?

Istanbul Airport bus stops are located on the -2nd floor. There are escalators and elevators from the international and domestic departure/arrival floors. All terminal floors are equipped with directional signage to help you navigate.


Istanbul Airport offers a variety of transportation options to reach the city center, catering to different budgets and comfort levels. With choices such as Havaist and IETT buses, the metro, and taxis, visitors can easily navigate their way to various parts of Istanbul. Havaist provides a more comfortable travel experience, while IETT buses are a more economical option. The metro line is a fast and traffic-free transportation method.

The Istanbulkart is a must-have for all public transportation in Istanbul. This card is easily obtainable from vending machines and kiosks throughout the airport and the city. It simplifies travel by allowing cashless payments across all public transport services, including buses, metros, trams, and ferries.

This guide aims to help first-time visitors navigate Istanbul’s rich historical, cultural, and culinary offerings with ease. Regardless of your transportation choice, you can fully enjoy the unique experiences that Istanbul has to offer.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider your luggage amount and destination distance when choosing your transportation option.
  • Plan ahead for peak hours, as traffic and public transport occupancy can vary significantly.
  • Ensure your Istanbulkart has sufficient balance to avoid any inconveniences while using public transportation.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable journey in Istanbul!



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