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Istanbul Airport Metro | Tickets, Lines & Timetables

After a long wait, the M11 Istanbul Airport Metro line finally began full operations in November 2023. Initially, in January 2023, the metro line started test runs with limited passenger capacity, extending only to Kağıthane, but it is now fully open to the public. Offering a fast and comfortable travel option between Istanbul International Airport and the city, this metro line is expected to become the most popular mode of transportation among IST passengers. Currently, only the first phase of the M11 Line is operational, covering a distance of 51 km between Istanbul Airport and Gayrettepe. By 2024, the line will be further extended, with the second phase opening to connect Istanbul Airport with both Gayrettepe and Halkalı stations, reaching a total length of 69 km.

Istanbul Airport Metro Station

The new metro station at Istanbul International Airport can be accessed through arrival exit gates 8, 9, and 13, as well as exits A and B located on level -2, and is situated in front of the parking lot. It is easy to find as it is only 300 meters from the terminal entrance. However, due to the large size of the IST terminal, reaching the metro station can be tiring and time-consuming. In the future, a second station is expected to be added to the airport complex. However, there is no detailed information available about the exact timeline for this project.

IST Airport Metro Sign

Istanbul Airport Metro Lines & Stations

Gayrettepe (City Center)
(You can hop on to M2 Metro, Metrobus, Bus)
Hasdal Eyüpsultan
Terminal 2
İstanbul Havalimanı (Istanbul Airport)
Kargo Terminali (Cargo Terminal)
Arnavutköy Hastane

The Istanbul Airport Metro Timetable & Schedule

The M11 Metro Line departs from the airport every 20 minutes and provides frequent transfer services from Istanbul Airport to Istanbul, heading to Gayrettepe. Similar to other Istanbul metro lines, it operates from 06:00 to 23:59. Therefore, the Istanbul Airport metro does not operate after midnight

Subway Tickets and Fares

To use the metro line, you need to purchase an Istanbulkart. These cards can be reloaded and reused. Therefore, you can only use the subway with an Istanbulkart, and cash payments are not accepted. The one-time issuance cost of the card is 120₺ (3.5€/3.2$).

You can buy an Istanbulkart from the refill machines located at the metro station. The one-time fare, if you are traveling to Gayrettepe, is 20.50₺ (0.50€/0.40$). After purchasing your Istanbulkart, you can reload it according to the fares of the stops you will travel to

Tip: The Istanbulkart is not a personal transit card. One Istanbulkart can be used to purchase tickets for multiple passengers. Therefore, if you are traveling with a group, you can buy just one card and use it for everyone’s transfers.

For more you can always check IST Airport Official website

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